About us

2K Energy s. r. o. produces wood pellets, accumulation tanks and delivers heating systems for family houses and apartment buildings. The products offered include heat pumps, solar systems, fireplaces, boilers for solid fuels and pellets, photovoltaic power stations, gas boiler rooms and pellet boiler rooms. The services offered by us include arrangement of subsidies for heating systems, consulting, designing of technical equipment of buildings, creation of regulation systems for comprehensive applications.

The production of pellets takes place in Volenice u Březnice, near the town of Příbram, Central Bohemia. We produce the pellets at a fully automatic line with production capacity of 1 ton / hour. The input raw material for pellet production includes lumber mill cuttings, chips or agricultural raw materials for agro-pellets. We are preparing the ENplus certification for the year 2015.

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