Wood briquettes in roller form, with a diameter of 90mm and length of 270mm, with or without hole. Their thermal properties are almost identical to those of wood pellets. They find application particularly as fuel for classical stoves or boilers. The wood cuttings briquettes are environment-friendly fuel, suiting for all types of stoves, fireplaces, fireplaces using solid fuels and garden grills. They are made of spruce and pine cuttings by pressing, without chemical ingredients. They are packed in 10kg PE bags, a pallet contains 1000kg.

Moistness   8%
Ash content   0,75%
Calorific value   4750kcal/kg
Package   10 kg
5.20 Kč/kgcena s DPH 4.52 Kč/kgcena bez DPH

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